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Advantages of Choosing Rush SurgiCenter

Due to improved technology, less invasive surgical techniques, advances in pain control, and the increased pressure to reduce the high cost of hospitalization today over 60 percent of all surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis. Increasingly, many of the more common surgical procedures - knee arthroscopy, shoulder arthroscopy, laparoscopic procedures, pain management injections and cataract removals - take place in freestanding outpatient surgery centers.

Compared with traditional inpatient surgery, there are many advantages to choosing to have your outpatient procedure at Rush SurgiCenter.


Our uncompromising dedication to quality and patient service is evidenced by our patient satisfaction. Studies show that both our patients and the physicians who use Rush SurgiCenter are very pleased with the medical results of their outpatient surgery.

Reduced cost.

At Rush SurgiCenter, we're focused solely on outpatient procedures. This high level of specialization and reduced overhead allows us, in many cases, to accommodate certain procedures more cost effectively than a hospital.

Recovery in the privacy of your home.

Surgery that does not disrupt your routine is more comfortable and can ease recovery. This is especially true for children, who are often afraid of being away from home or of spending the night alone.

Fixed schedule.

Emergency operations and inpatient procedures often take longer than expected and can cause delays in a hospital's operating room schedule. Rush SurgiCenter, however, can adhere more closely to their schedules.


Rush SurgiCenter was developed with the patient in mind. We've attempted to make it as easy as possible for our patients to locate, register, and prepare for their surgeries. More importantly, our streamlined registration process allows the patients to focus on what is most important–their procedure and healing process.