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At Rush SurgiCenter, we appreciate that you may have questions regarding outpatient surgery, our center, and about the medical procedures performed in our center. Below are answers to a few frequently asked questions.

Are outpatient surgery centers as safe as hospitals?

The safety record for ambulatory surgery is excellent because the individuals selected for this type of procedure are generally healthy and the surgery is elective. Also, Rush SurgiCenter is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), which ensures compliance with the most stringent safety standards.

Are outpatient surgery centers more expensive than hospitals?

On the contrary, outpatient surgery is often less expensive than hospital-based surgery. Many insurance companies pay up to 100% of ambulatory surgery charges, while paying a lesser percentage for outpatient procedures performed in hospitals. Some companies may even specify ambulatory surgery for certain procedures.

What procedures are performed at Rush SurgiCenter?

Most procedures that do not require an overnight stay can be performed at Rush SurgiCenter. Our four operating rooms are equipped with the most advanced medical equipment available today, which allows us to accommodate a wide range of specialty procedures.